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I was asked to be a guest on a YouTube show called The Xone.

This is episode 3 where I am a guest as well as JD Williams (Actor from OZ and The Wire) 
He chats with me for a little towards the end of the show. 

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Hi all!!!

I will be at Big Apple Con this weekend and will have prints and original art for sale. 

I can do pre-con commissions as well just Note me.
Hi Guys, 

I have some new listings on my Etsy Store. 

These are my Alien AP's…

Cheap Shipping via Etsy!!! 
Hi All, 

I have some original ink drawings up for sale in my Etsy shop. 
Come see if you are interested.…

Thanks guys! 
Decided to sell prints via Etsy.
I always had prints for sale but maybe this platform will make buyers more comfortable.

Come check it out.…
New page up for The World Of M.
A Steampunk, Fantasy and Magic story.
Hay guys come by and enjoy a free steampunk web comic.
Please see our RedBubble and Paypal links for support. It helps keep our site going.…
The guys at mentioned the Light Earth Kickstarter last night. (…)

Check these guys out, great pod cast, awesome people!!!
Final 8 days!!!
Lets unlock my cover guys. If we do anyone that contributed $25 gets a copy of it as well as all the others by some great artist. Any contribution helps!

Trying to do something exciting for you guys. 

Mystery Art Package-Once a month I will do a 5x6 inked black and white drawing and ship to you! I choose which one I send, kind of like LootCrate but Mystery Art!

Only 19.99 Via Patreon
I'm selling my original card art for Alien Anthology by Upper Deck. 

You can see them here:
Alien-APs by shaotemp

Different price ranges. 

Starting as low as $75.00.
DM for pricing. Serious inquiries only please.

HI all!

I did a variant cover for  a Kickstarter and we are in our final days. 

Please come check it out and make any contribution you can. 
A link share will help us a lot too.…

Thanks in advance!!! 
There is a mini comic con the Saturday in Rutherford NJ. I will be there all day saying hi! 

I just heard about it and the event organizers were gracious enough to give me a table: 

Hi all I have this Sketch cover up on eBay.

It will make you popular and get all the babes you want. (i'm lying, just trying to pay some bills)…
Let me do some work for you.
For only $9.00 you can tell me who or what to sketch once per month. 
Once completed you will get the scanned Hi res sketch PLUS other rewards. 
An original Sketch Cover by me. 
This is The New Avengers sketch cover No.1
Hawkeye Vs. Taskmaster 
Colored with Copic Markers and Copic Inks.…
I have a sketch cover up for sale. 
I kept it black and white only for those of you who love line art.…
Hi Guys!

I have a Patreon account now and let me do some work for you. I feel that the rewards I put together are pretty sweet and I will send you all kinds of updates and for my "Mystery Art Package" you receive a black and white drawing a month. 
Like this:  PATREON-Rewards by shaotemp

My reason for starting a Patreon account is so that I can share more with The World OF M followers and peel back the curtain for supporters. 

Come check it out and any support is welcomed!
Hi guys I'm very excited to announce that Walter Tank is now available on Amazon. These are high quality 3D printed sculptures at different prince ranges.
On Amazon now:…

Just a few months ago I just launched the website The World Of M. 
I couldn't be more excited to have a figure from one of those characters already. 

Thank you for the support!!!!! 
Like's and shares helps me a lot so please do that. 

3dp4e chose my designs to launch their store. 
You will see my logo at the bade of the sculpture.  
I am open this weekend for digital commissions. 

Full figure Inked $35.00
Very simple background. 
Style sample Nin-Trinity by shaotemp